Saying goodbye to our lovely cat, Henry

Stephen Zeoli
2 min readJan 22, 2023
Our cat Henry.

My wife and I met in September of 2007. We quickly decided we wanted to make a life together. One of the first things we did as a couple was adopt two kittens. Amy named them Henry and Angus. Henry was about eight weeks old, Angus six weeks.

I had never owned a cat before. I expected my relationship with them would be tolerating them for Amy’s sake. But a funny thing happened: they stirred a deep affection in my heart.

Where Angus was full of personality with a talent for hoodwinking me into giving him and Henry treats, Henry was a gentle boy. I called him Henry the Sweet and Powerful.

We were forced to euthanize Angus five years ago when he succumbed to bone cancer. I was broken-hearted.

For a few months Henry was the sole cat in the house, the focus of all our affection. But then we adopted a six-month old female cat we called Daisy. We were curious to see if Henry would accept Daisy. He did, as if Daisy had always been a part of our family. And the same was true a year later when we adopted Hazel.

It is hard to imagine a cat with a better disposition than Henry. He loved to be brushed and have his belly scratched. He always had a look on his precious face that made me think this was his twelfth lifetime and that he’d already seen it all.

They say the human body is about 65% water. Henry was about 65% fuzzy belly.

Henry when we experimented with taking him for walks. It didn’t work.

Henry outlived Angus by five years, but after an illness neither we nor our vets could solve, Henry closed his eyes for the final time last week, and I am still getting choked up at his absence from our home.

I learned when Angus left us that one of the greatest gifts our pets give us is revealing just how much we are able to love.

Henry, I miss you and I am grateful to have known you for over 15 years.